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Venue & Buildings

The buildings you have available to you are both beautifully designed and practically equipped. We have a la carte options to allow access to any of our four areas. The Reception Barn with Pavillon, Banquet Room with a full kitchen, The Private House, and the Pond Overlook.  You can schedule a walk-through to see all of our locations in person and decide which are best fit for your event.  You can book for the day or for the weekend. With weekend packages you get access to the venues from Thursday at 10 am until Sunday at Noon, so set up and tear down are easy to coordinate.  Unlike many venues, we don’t adjust our prices based on your expected guest list.  Our prices are flat rates per location allowing you to only pay for what you need.

Reception Barn & Pavilion

The Reception Barn and Pavillion is the perfect space for wedding receptions and large gatherings. It is a climate controlled newly renovated space that is beautiful while still having the authentic rustic look.  Connected to the barn is a pavilion space that is perfect for overflow guests and outdoor activities at your next event.  Schedule a walk-through with one of our team members and check it out.

Banquet Room

The Banquet room is perfect for a small rehearsal dinner and comes with a complete kitchen.  The space has room for up to 30 guests and the kitchen is perfect for rehearsal dinner preparation and also reception food.  This space is also located 30 yards from the Reception Barn making food preparation for the space easy to access.  

Private House

The Private house is also located on the property and is perfect for bridal parties on the day of a wedding.  There is plenty of space for you and your bridal party to get ready for the day, enjoy some food, and have a great view of the farm out back while you prepare for the big day.  The yard is also a great size for a small intimate gathering or even a small ceremony. It is also located adjacent to the rest of the properties making it easily accessible and close by for a wedding ceremony. 

Pond Overlook

This space has a beautiful view overlooking a pond on the property and allows for a larger outdoor wedding ceremony.  With a great sunset view and good weather, this space is perfect for any gathering outdoors.  Like all of our properties, it is very close to the Reception Barn and other venues for easy access and the ability to do everything in one place. Reach out and let one of our team members show you this beautiful view!