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Our Story

From ranch to Registries

The Heart

Show Me Farms is located approximately 15 minutes from Columbia and approximately 25 minutes from Jefferson City. This original operation of Show Me Farms was founded and started by Don and Marylou Mayse with raising, showing and producing some of the best beef within the area.With the passing of Marylou in 2012 and Don in 2015 our family had no plans in selling the farm but wanted to take on a different approach in keeping the farm up and running. We feel we have a beautiful place centrally located and would love to share it with you.
What we do

The Story Begins

Show Me Farms originated as a Shorthorn beef producer located in the heart of Missouri serving customers quality beef near and far. It evolved into a working crop farm with some pasture rented to a local farmer and event center.

The Journey

Since, shutting down the cattle operation and leaving the barn and other buildings unoccupied this allows to keep everything fully functional and share our family space.

Our Destiny

Our beef production interests eventually faded and were in turn discontinued. That made available an abundance of space perfect for farm set events of varying size.